One of the biggest bloom killers is bacteria. Eliminate bacteria by trimming your flowers stems every couple days and keeping the water fresh (warm is typically best.) Also be sure that there is no foliage at or below the waterline as it promotes the growth of bacteria.

When trimming flowers, be sure to cut stems at a 45 degree angle. This exposes the greatest surface area of the stem, and allows the flower to drink up as much water as it can. For woody-stemmed flowers like hydrangeas, we find that splitting the ends of the stems helps with water absorption.

If you're transporting flowers to a new vase, be sure the vase is rinsed clean (and free of soap) before adding the flowers. This is also a good time to trim the stems and rinse them with cool water.

Be sure to keep flowers away from anything that emits heat such as a television or heating/cooling unit. Keeping your blooms out of direct sunlight will also preserve their lifespan.

 Fresh cut flower food typically consists of three things: sugar, biocide, and an acidifier. The sugar is added as a substitute for the sugars that would be produced naturally during photosynthesis. Flowers use the sugar as energy. A biocide helps to kill microbes that would otherwise prevent the stem from being able to absorb water. The acidifier helps to increase water flow through the stem. We do not include flower food in our deliveries and subscriptions however there are home recipes that you can use as your own flower food. If you find one you like, let us know!  

Wilted flowers should always be removed from an otherwise healthy arrangement as it can add bacteria to the water. Think about enjoying the wilted blooms by putting them in a bud vase, Even wilted blooms are beautiful.